You know, foreigners have quirky things to say about our ever-so-reliable power supply. Apart from having a hard time pronouncing the term ‘Load Shedding’, they also discuss it at dinner parties, functions or at work where, undoubtedly, their well maintained, western-1st world power grid keep’s things rocking. Unfortunately, back here in the real world we have to worry about load shedding and, as any business owner will tell you, it’s not something people enjoy dealing with. Well, fortunately you’re not alone in this fight. Here at Generator Boys we got your back all the way and, when it comes to keeping the lights on, we will definitely keep you in the green.

Generator boys started small in 2005, setting in Wadeville to immediately start making a name for ourselves. Fortunately, regardless of load-shedding, companies and businesses will always need to rely on an alternate power source and that is exactly what we set out to do. We provide the best, top-of-the-line generators, diesel engines and alternators on the market today. We understand that, in order for yourbusiness to run efficiently and to be most productive, it needs power to run its production machines, the lights and of course the computers. We also understand the importance of technologyin today’s business world, especially in regards to industry. That is why you can find a wide range ofgenerators of all sizes and types as well as electric motors, control panels, load banks, dummy loads generator controllers and specialized mining and hydraulic equipment specifically to suit your power and industry needs.


Our goal at Generator Boys is to ensure that your lights and machines keep on running during a power cut. There are immense benefits to owning a generator that can take care of the power needs of your business. Generator Boys will ensure that you’ll always be spoiled for choice. Browse through our website and, if you see something you like, complete our online submission form and one of our representatives will come back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you’re more than welcome to come and pay us a visit and come and see for yourself why Generator Boys is considered the absolute best in alternate power suppliers for your business.