Generator Operation

General Generator operation tips

Generator Fuel

To start your generator:

  1. Review your owner's manual to ensure familiarity with your generator's controls and operation.

  2. Move the generator outside.

  3. Check the fuel level and add more fuel if necessary.

  4. Check the oil level and add oil if necessary.

  5. Check the air filter and clean if necessary.

  6. Turn the circuit breaker off.

  7. Turn the fuel valve on.

  8. Start the generator.

  9. Allow the generator the warm up for a few moments before turning the circuit breaker on.

  10. Connect the appliances or the transfer switch if applicable.

To stop your generator:

  1. Turn the circuit breaker off.

  2. Turn the engine switch off.

  3. Turn the fuel valve off.

Transporting and storing your generator