Generator Tips

8 Tips for Using a Generator

  1. Never operate a generator inside or too close to your home
  2. Never return power to your home
  3. Allow generator to cool before refilling
  4. Store and safely dispose of oil and filters to get you through a long outage Don't count on finding the right oil filter for your particular generator after a big storm. Instead, buy extra filters and oil before the storm hits.
  5. Limit cable length to avoid equipment damage. Never exceed 100 feet total length from generator to unit. The voltage drop over long periods of time can cause the motor and compressor to burn out prematurely.
  6. Preventing Theft The only thing worse than a gas engine roaring outside your bedroom window is the silence after someone stole your expensive generator.
  7. Running Out of Gas Can Get You Expensive Instead, turn off the electrical load and generator before you run out of fuel. Let cool down. Then fill up, restart and connect consumers.
  8. Bad Fuel Can Hold You Up All generator manufacturers recommend adding fuel stabilizers to the gas to minimize fuel breakdown and varnish and gum formation.However, they stressed that this is no guarantee against future problems. Therefore, many manufacturers and most garages recommend draining the fuel tank and running the carburetor dry (running the engine to a standstill) once the storm season is over. 

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