Home Generators

There are good reasons for home owners to buy a home generator. With the demand for electricity quickly increasing every year and the ageing power grids straining with the current load, it seems obvious that power cuts will become more common and without and emergency home generator life can become difficult.

Then there is another reason. As the title suggests, why own an emergency home generator, it's for emergencies. People every year lose electrical power to their homes very often for a long time if they don't have a home generator.

Without a home generator life can become pretty uncomfortable when the power suddenly goes off. The lights go out. The air conditioner stops and the heat starts to build up and collars are loosened. Usually in the coldest part of winter, when the power stops the freezing cold soon starts to creep into the house.

It is only during a power cut that we suddenly realise just how dependent we all are on electricity for our home comforts and we miss not having an emergency home generator. Our modern life style really revolves about having electricity any time we want it. Just consider all the, now vital, appliances in the home that we take for granted. The refrigerator, keeping our beer cold in the summer, and of course the deep freezer with hundreds of dollars worth of food only hours away from being spoilt when the power stops. An emergency home generator can in this case pay for it's self keeping your valuable food cold.

Without the benefit of a home generator we really are forced to live like the frontier's folk of old. Televisions and sound systems fall silent. Bedtime moves earlier in the evening when there is no light and often bed is the only place you can feel warm. If the blackout only last a few hours then it is just an inconvenience but what if it is longer?

Many people have their own water bore hole and once their reserve tank is empty there's no more water. With all these reasons and more it is obviously wise to invest in a home generator.

Without an emergency home generator the lose of power also can mean the lose of income. Without electricity, computers, printers, fax machines all fall silent and if they aren't working then the potential for generating business stops. Customers in other parts of the country don't realise you have a power cut and since you didn't purchase a home generator they cannot contact you and your customer relations can be easily damaged

What size generator is needed to power a house?

Homeowners can often power most household appliances using between 3000 and 6500 watts. If your home has a smaller furnace and city water, you can generally expect that 3000-5000 watts will cover your needs. If you have a larger furnace and/or a well pump, you will likely need a 5000 to 6500 watt generator.