Load Shedding & Power Failure Solutions

Tired of Load Shedding? Generator Boys offers a large variety of services to both industrial companies and the general public. We install new generators and also offer service and maintenance on all makes of generators. Maintenance contracts are also available depending on how often your generator is used. Our 24 hour call out service will make sure that your generators keep running, even when they are working under pressure. If there is a problem with your generator, we can do a fault finding analysis on all makes of generators. We can also refill diesel generators. For heavy mining applications, we offer special voltage generators to withstand the large and constant power requirements of a mining operation. Our exhaust systems are tailor made to suit your generator and environment, whether for residential or industrial use.

24 hour call out service

24/7 Emergency Generator Service in Gauteng

As a complete maintenance solution, generator-boys has technicians on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to assist you with emergency generator service throughout Gauteng.

Servicing and maintenance on all makes of generators

Any generator set used for emergency or primary power supply must have periodic service and maintenance performed on it. Setting up a planned maintenance schedule, and performing all associated testing will insure generator availability on demand. The possibility of generator failures escalate when service and maintenance checks are not done.

he 40 Kva is ideal for residential use since it is nearly silent when used and will not disturb your neighbours, while producing a sufficient amount of power. For companies with large power requirements, as well as the need for a constant power source, our stand-by generators are ideal to provide the required power source time and time again for these demanding situations. Our high quality control panels will ensure that you are always in charge. We also rig and move generators. We manufacture a wide range of products such as:

  • Load banks
  • Dummy loads
  • Electrical equipment

With competitive prices, friendly and professional service, your old or new generator will have a longer life.

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Why is there no power?

Many of us may be asking, why do we have power cuts? Where has my power gone? Why is there a blackout? Why on earth is there no power?
Often a power cut or failure is due to maintenance being done at substations.

  • Maintenance at substations
  • Stolen equipment
  • Stolen cables
  • Damaged equipment – due to extreme weather or natural disasters

Backup/ Standby Generator for Home use –
There are many options available for standby generators starting with Petrol and Diesel models for home.
Petrol generators are cheap to buy but the storage of petrol is limited to a maximum of 20 L by most insurance companies and petrol degrades far faster than diesel. Petrol generators tend to be far less reliable than diesel generators when not used for months.
Diesel generators are considerably more fuel efficient to run than petrol unit and can stand many months without use, unfortunately the initial purchase price is far higher.
Home generators can be cheaply installed with a simple changeover switch ensuring they are safe and will not get damaged when mains returns. Although back feeding into a plug does work this is illegal and dangerous and should never be done.
Solar power and alternative Power solutions -
A typical off-grid solar PV system for a remote house consists of an array of solar panels, a solar charge controller, batteries and an inverter. Solar & wind energy systems use banks of special deep cycle batteries to provide power at night or when there is no power being generated.
Batteries need to be stored in a well ventilated area as they give off flammable gasses. The batteries also need to be checked by a professional at least twice a year. Battery replacement is also expensive.

Staying safe in a power cut -
It's important to stay calm if you are in a power cut. Most power cuts don't last very long and your electricity provider will usually work swiftly to get things in order again. Here are some other things to do if your power is off for a significant amount of time:

  • Keep an eye on your frozen food. If it defrosts you might not be able to freeze it again
  • Turn off electrical heaters and especially hair dryers as these have caused many house fires when mains returns and things have been thrown over them.
  • If you see downed power lines anywhere, stay well away from them.