Generator Maintenance

Generator Boys has a team of highly experienced and qualified service staff. Our field service team are equipped to care for your entire power generation system. We offer a comprehensive range of agreement based generator maintenance services.

Maintenance contracts:

Servicing and maintenance on all makes of generators

Any generator set used for emergency or primary power supply must have periodic service and maintenance performed on it. Setting up a planned maintenance schedule, and performing all associated testing will insure generator availability on demand. The possibility of generator failures escalate when service and maintenance checks are not done.

Concept of Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance can be defined as performing service, maintenance, inspections and testing on a generator set on a pre-determined schedule. Each maintenance schedule should include inspections as stated on the listed below:
  • Calendar Cycle Schedule – Depending on manufacturer’s recommendations and applications, cycles can be divided into weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual checks and services.
  • Operating Inspections – Check-ups to be performed on the generator when it is functional. Critical operations can be observed for 100% of operating time. Non-critical operations can have basic checks performed by application.
  • Layup – Generator are moth-balled when no longer in active service. (A simple framework of steps for generator moth-balling).
Generator type and application can be used to formulate an inspection schedule.
The final section introduces Generator Boys as a provider of Service Contracts for all makes of generator sets sold.

Visual Checks
Planned maintenance will define the checks to be completed at a certain time. Coolant, lubricating oil and coolant levels must be at specified levels, but these can be contaminated. When performing standard maintenance inspections look for the following:
  • Air Restriction Indicator – This indicates when the restriction to the air intake is greater than manufacturer’s specifications. Red means a change of air filter (scheduled or not). Generally the indictor is located on the air filter housing and can be reset after filter change.
  • Fuel Water Separator – This filter separates water from the fuel should the fuel be contaminated with water. Water is routed to bottom bowl and can be drained via a manual valve. This may indicate that the main fuel source supply is contaminated.
  • Water Indicating Paste – This is used to test main fuel supply. Spread on tank level dip stick, if it remains pink in colour there is no water in the fuel, if it turns red then fuel is contaminated with water. Generally water will accumulate at the lower section of tank.
  • Oil in Coolant – Oil floating on the coolant when cooling system is at ambient temperature (which can appear milky after engine operation) denotes an engine lubricating oil leak into the cooling system. This may be cylinder head gasket failure, a defective engine block or cylinder head. This occurs where the oil pressure is higher than the coolant pressure.
  • Coolant in Oil – the oil has milky colour on dipstick denotes a coolant leak into engine lubricating oil. May be caused by a faulty cylinder head gasket, defective engine block or cylinder head. Defect occurs where the coolant pressure is higher than the oil pressure.

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